August 2-3, 2018, San Antonio, Texas

Location: Historic Menger Hotel, Alamo Plaza 204
San Antonio, TX 78205, 800-345-9285

Room Rate Available August 1, 2, 3, 4, 2018

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The Alamo, San Antonio, Texas

The River Walk, San Antonio, Texas

San Fernando Cathedral in the Diocese of San Antonio, Archbishop Gustavo Garcia-Siller, 6th Archbishop of San Antonio

Location: Historic Menger Hotel, Alamo Plaza 204
San Antonio, TX 78205, 800-345-9285
Room Rate Available August 1, 2, 3, 4, 2018

Conference Description
Today strong legal, ethical, financial, educational, and scientific forces are challenging our Catholic-formed consciences and nursing job practices. Secular and Catholic healthcare workplaces and educational institutions face discussions and decisions important to the blending of healthcare and religion. These discussions are unfamiliar to some, uncomfortable for many, ignored by others, and often only tacitly addressed in institutional documents guiding philosophy of care, delivery of healthcare practices, and appropriate educational preparation and certification for healthcare providers and religious personnel. This situation presents dangerous crossroads for Catholic nurses. Our faith beliefs, values, and actions must guide and be aligned with our professional practice of nursing that is defined by state mandates and institutional guidelines.
The National Association of Catholic Nurses-USA is becoming recognized as an important vessel of reliable resources and educational activities. Members defend the importance of evidence-based protocols of nursing care while also adopting conscious and informed efforts that define our many areas of nursing practice as a service to God. This conference entitled “Responding to Healthcare Challenges Influencing Catholic Nursing Practice” is intended to provide presentations and conversations that will provide all with “food for thought and action”. It is hoped that participants leave with a renewed and shared sense of the power and joy that we, as nurses, hold dear in our practice as Catholic healthcare providers.

NACN-USA Conference Objectives
Title: Responding to Healthcare Challenges Influencing Catholic Nursing Practice
Objective 1 : Open discussions across familiar and unfamiliar areas of healthcare practice where nurses can face challenges implementing their Catholic faith.
Objective 2: Outline strategies nurses can employ while delivering health care that align with the teachings and practices of the Catholic faith.
Objective 3: Advocate for the health and well-being of self and others through efforts that consciously and consistently integrate our Catholic traditions with desired health outcomes.