Benefits of Membership

  • Being part of the Catholic Nurse Voice

  • Networking with those who share your faith and values.

  • Mentor opportunities for new nurses and seasoned leaders.

  • Spiritual Nourishment.

  • Ethical insights and resources.

  • Members only Newsletters and E-News Updates.

  • Opportunites for Leadership in a National Organization

  • General Members – Vote

  • Students – Eligible for Scholarship.

Being a member of NACN-USA means always having an army of prayer warriors with me during patient care.

Clarice, Ohio, Bedside, Mental Health Unit

Thank you Lord for the inspiration to look up Catholic Nurses on the internet.

Sarah, North Carolina, Parish Nurse

Being part of this association, with such a diverse group of Catholic Nurses, has allowed my faith and patient care to flourish.

Janet, Ohio, School Nurse

My first nursing job wasn’t the right fit.  With prayers from other members and confidence in the Lord, I made a laternal move and now teach fertility awareness methods.

Marisa, Indiana, OB GYN Clinic Nurse

I wanted to be in touch with like-minded nurses who share my values and beliefs and have guidance in my young career in the critical care setting.

Christina, New Mexico, Critical Care ICU Nurse

Associate & Retired

  • Non-Catholic Nurses, Non-Nursing Healthcare Professionals and Friends of the Association


  • Catholic Nurses (RN & LPN)*


  • Catholic “Pre-Licensure” Nursing Students

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