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Mustard Seed Communities mission in Kingston, Jamaica

When: February 24 – March 3, 2018

BY JUNE 30, 2017: For More Information & Pre-Registration:

Ask if God is calling you…then contact Cheryl Hettman: hettmanca@hotmail.com
COME & SEE….Join me in Jamaica…At the Mission, Christ Has No Body But YOURSs…No Hands But YOURS!
Just over 50 Years ago the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on the Missionary Activity of the Church (Ad Gentes) proclaimed that, “The pilgrim Church on earth is missionary by its very nature,” resounding the call for all of us to be on mission. Pope Francis has said that “Those who follow Christ cannot fail to be missionaries…” and that we need to get out of the house…and go to the margins…and that “mission is a passion for Jesus and at the same time a passion for his people.”
In response to this call, YOU are invited to share your “passion for Jesus with some of his people” – some of our least brothers and sisters in Christ at the Mustard Seed Communities mission in Kingston, Jamaica – just as some of our NACN members did during the trip offered in 2016 (see NACN Summer 2016 Newsletter for details). The mission is home to hundreds of residents – from newborn to age 40 – who are vulnerable and marginalized – who have been abandoned by society. Mustard Seed Communities residents are those with various disabilities and conditions, some of which include profound birth defects, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, cystic fibrosis, HIV, mental and behavioral health disorders, along with pregnant teen girls who have been victimized.
If you feel the call to expand your horizons, have wondered what it would be like to go on a mission trip and serve those living in impoverished conditions in a developing country, or just want to see what the Lord may do in your life as “the hands of Christ” to “his people” – get out of your comfort zone and come experience being missionary!
When: February 24 – March 3, 2018
Where: Mustard Seed Communities (see website), Kingston, Jamaica (Catholic mission founded in 1978)
Who: Open to Members of NACN-USA & affiliated Councils (& other healthcare professionals are welcome, too!)
Trip Facilitator: Cheryl Hettman, PhD, RN – past president, NACN-USA, 2010-2012 & current chair, Archives/History Committee – She has been leading trips to MSC for 15 years.
Facilities: This is an immersion experience, so you will stay in the very modest volunteer accommodations in one of the mission facilities located in the foothills of the beautiful Jamaican Blue Mountains.
Examples of Expected Activities Include: Participate in the direct daily care and living activities of the residents. Conduct health fairs, assessments, teaching sessions, and assist with any specific health care needs, as appropriate (note this is a “living community,” not an acute care setting). Interact with the lay caregivers for the residents to teach and assist them to enhance the care they give (including the annual Distance Learning Community class for the caregivers). Visit a local restaurant, beach, shopping, etc., to experience the culture outside the mission.
Expectations of You: Come with an open mind and heart, and welcome whatever the Lord may bring your way! Help to obtain and transport needed healthcare supplies and other items for the mission.
Cost: $950 to the mission covers room & meals at the mission, transportation while in Jamaica, local outings, and emergency medical insurance. Airfare is own responsibility and based on cost from your location for flights coordinated with the group to/from Kingston.

BY JUNE 30, 2017: For More Information & Pre-Registration:

Ask if God is calling you…then contact Cheryl Hettman hettmanca@hotmail.com
FYI – The mission requires a minimum of 12 persons (can take up to 20) for a trip, so it is imperative that you make contact ASAP to express your interest and pre-register if you wish to go, so the trip can be confirmed as soon as possible if there is enough interest. A $100 down payment will be required to pre-register and hold your spot. This will be refunded to you if the trip is not confirmed. Pray this is not the case, but it is a possibility. Final payment of $850 will be due by November 1. Individual fundraising suggestions are available, along with a personal online fundraising site through the mission, if needed (TBA when the trip is confirmed, along with details for the specific airfare information for purchasing your ticket).

“The Holy Spirit makes us look to the horizon and drives us to the very outskirts of existence in order to proclaim life in Jesus Christ. Let us ask ourselves: Do we tend to stay closed in on ourselves, on our group, or do we let the Holy Spirit open us to mission?” ~ Pope Francis
——————————-SHORT TERM OPPORTUNITIES———————————————–

Family Missions Company

12624 Everglade Road
Abbeville, LA 70510
Office@familymissioncompany.com or
FMC’s primary mission is evangelization: to lovingly share Christ’s message of salvation, expecting nothing in return, while profoundly respecting the freedom and dignity of every person and culture. We do this through engagement and dialogue with those we serve. We live with them. We pray and study the Bible with them. We share Jesus with them and learn from them. We faithfully work to meet the material needs of those we serve. Our ministries provide children, the elderly, the infirm and imprisoned, the dispirited and the unemployed with home visits, food, education services, building projects and medical assistance.
December 6, 2017 to January 4, 2018, $875 to Trinidad
March 3-11, 2017, $775 to Peru
(Does not include Airfare).

International Missionary Foundation

P.O. Box 8, Greeley, CO 80632, 970-616-0411
info@imfmission.org; www.imfmission.org
The IMF is a Catholic non-profit organization dedicated to serving the suffering Christ in the poor while offering parishioners a spiritual immersion experience through Parish2Parish partnerships with developing nations.

Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers

In Lourdes, European “Hospitalities” help travelers from their countries make pilgrimage to Lourdes.Our Lady of Lourdes Hospitality North American Volunteers (often referred to as Lourdes Volunteers) is the Hospitality in the Americas recognized by the Sanctuary at Lourdes. A non-profit charitable organization and a Public AssociatiLourdeson of the Christian Faithful (status under the Vatican), Lourdes Volunteers operates several pilgrimages to Lourdes each year, making it possible for hundreds of people to travel with us as pilgrims or volunteers. Welcomed are those healthy companions and medical professionals wishing to volunteer, those seeking healing (including those who cannot travel with many of the organized tour companies because of special travel needs), those university students wanting to make a difference in the world around them. All are welcomed. [Read more]

Upcoming Special Needs Pilgrimages (June/October) [Schedule]:

To serve as a nurse, companion, caregiver or as a pilgrim, contact: info@lourdesvolunteers.org.

Medical & Leadership Meeting – Annually a weekend in February/March – North American Lourdes Volunteers holds a Medical & Leadership Meeting. In 2017, the meetings will be in Miami, Florida, February with opportunity for R&R (e.g. Scuba or Glass bottom boat ride) on Sunday. (Hosting in 2017 is Our Lady of Lourdes Church, 11291 SW 142nd Avenue, Miami, FL). This meeting provides an orientation and overview for medical professionals who may want to volunteer to accompany special needs pilgrimage to Lourdes. For more information: info@lourdesvolunteers.org. www.lourdesvolunteers.org
————————-LONG TERM OPPORTUNITIES—————————————

Lay Mission Helpers [Read more]

Nursing, an international language of love.

Be part of a Catholic program with a 60 year history of preparing, sending and supporting Catholic healthcare professional for service around the world. Caring for patients in small rural clinics, teaching in nursing schools, providing care at hospitals, Lay Mission-Helpers has sent and supported single people, married couples and families who share their gifts and live their faith since 1955.

Today, nurses are among the most often requested professions, yet our nurses are appreciated for more than what they offer in the way of direct patient care and teaching. Motivated by their faith, we are told by the Bishops, the students, the administrators and the patients that it is their faith and motivation that sets them apart.

Lay Mission-Helpers provides a formation program to help prepare our candidates for the challenges of living and working in another culture. Visit our web page: www.LayMissionHelpers.org or call our Program Director, Janice England at (213) 368-1873 to learn more about opportunities.

Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB)

Brigid Prosser, CMMB Volunteer, Honduras & NACN-USA Member

Brigid Prosser, CMMB Volunteer, Honduras & NACN-USA Member

CMMB is a leading faith-based NGO improving global health care for the world’s poor, by building healthy, sustainable communities through community engagement and partnerships. CMMB seeks passionate, motivated people to help improve the health of vulnerable populations in communities throughout Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. CMMB’s Medical Volunteer Program (MVP) seeks licensed medical and healthcare professionals as well as non-medical professionals with relevant expertise to serve in resource-poor health facilities for 1 year or longer.

Brigid Prosser

Brigid Prosser

CMMB’s inception dates to 1912 and the dream of Dr. Paluel Joseph Flagg, an anesthesiology resident at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City. He became an advocate of health care for needy people around the world, recruiting physicians, nurses and missionaries to volunteer for medical mission service in development countries. In 1924 Dr. Flagg received permission from Cardinal Hayes of NY to formally organize and foster the growth of medical mission work in the Archdiocese of New York. CMMB was legally incorporated in 1928. Beginning in 1949 Bishop Fulton Sheen served on the CMMB’s board. In 2011 CMMB reported 315 million in revenue, 97.4% of which goes directly to service. Volunteer opportunity around the world and application are on the website at: www.cmmb.org/

Warriors to Lourdes – A Pilgrimage for Military Personnel in conjunction with the Annual International Military Pilgrimage (PMI) to Lourdes France

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of the Military Services, USA and the Knights of Columbus, non-wounded, wounded, disabled or sick military personnel travel from the United States and Europe to Lourdes for a time of rest, prayer and participation in the International Military Pilgrimage. The 7-day retreat consists of a number of spiritual events, including special Masses, Eucharistic Procession and Benediction, a visit to the baths at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes, a candlelight vigil and a closing ceremony that draws tens of thousands of troops to the sacred shrine every year. The pilgrimage occurs in May each year and the deadline for application and payment is January 31st. Healthcare professionals are needed to assist. For more information email: Lourdes@KofC.org. [Read more]

May 12-18, 2015 Warriors to Lourdes Pilgrimage-57th Annual International Military Pilgrimage [brochure]

Do You Know of Other Opportunities Abroad?

If you know of any opportunities for Catholic Nurses to serve in their professional capacity assisting those in need through a Catholic organization, please provide information to the webmaster at Diana.Ruzicka@gmail.com.  Thank you.