NACN-USA Requests the AMA Oppose Assisted Suicide & Assisted Death

At the American Medical Association House of Delegates meeting in Chicago next week, June 8-12, 2019 the AMA will consider again whether to change its position of opposition to Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS) to a position of one of neutrality. In addition, the delegates from the state of New Mexico have proposed (resolution #20) to change the terminology to that of “Physician Assisted Dying” (PAD) and are recommending a position of “engaged neutrality.”

Read the letter that the National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A. sent to the Council of Ethical and Judicial Affairs (CEJA) and each of the officers and board of trustees of the AMA, on your behalf last week to maintain their position of opposition to PAS & PAD.

Today, email the AMA directly requesting they continue to maintain their position of “opposition” to both Physician Assisted Suicide and Physician Assisted Dying. The statement could be as simple as:
As a registered nurse, I sincerely request that the American Medical Association maintain your position of “opposition” to both
“Physician Assisted Suicide” and “Physician Assisted Dying.”

You have the permission to share and print any or all of the contents of the NACN-USA letter, designed by our Ethics & Spirituality Committee, in your correspondence. Please hold up our physician colleagues in prayer next week as they decide whether to uphold a culture of life in medicine.

Read New Mexico Delegation’s Resolution #20 to Change “Assisted Suicide” to “Assisted Dying” and Adopt a Position of “Engaged Neutrality.”

Select here for email addresses to CEJA and AMA Leadership