We are honored to recognize Eula Sforza, RN and her contributions to Catholic Nursing through this annual scholarship award.

Eula Sforza, RN was know to many as a remarkable and inspirational Catholic Nurse. Having served as a nurse in World War II, she knew first hand the battle in this world between good and evil.  Eula was strong in her Catholic faith and brought joy to those she encountered professionally and personally. Once she retired from nursing, Eula was a daily communicant, enjoyed being involved with her grandchildren and was the well-loved matriarch of her family. For NACN-USA, she worked tirelessly to bring both the national association and her local council to fruition with her focus to help nurses remain strong in their faith.

History of Service:
1993-1996 – Eula Sforza, 1st President, NACN-USA [Board: Eula Sforza (IL), Marylee Meehan, VP (MA), Mary Pellizzari, Secretary-Treasurer].
NACN-USA reorganized under the auspices of the Joliet Diocese in Illinois with Bishop Joseph L. Imesch as 1st Spiritual Advisor.

During Eula’s tenure:

  •  1994 – Twenty (20) nurses attend the XV International Committee of Catholic Nurses & Medico- Social Assistants (CICIAMS) World Congress in Belgium & NACN-USA becomes full voting member of CICIAMS rendering all members of NACN-USA also members of CICIAMS through the Association.
  • 1995 – NACN-USA held its 1st conference in Tucson, Arizona.
  • Additional regional & national conferences were held for networking, education in Catholic medical ethics and spiritual growth.
  • Members also received email, website and newsletter.  Read more about the history of NACN-USA.


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