The National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A. (NACN-USA) Taskforce met to assist Catholic nurses in formulating their conscience and religious exemption application against the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Our taskforce developed the following to assist nurses in their thought processes and examination of their personal conscience and religious beliefs:
Table of Contents
1.  Catholic Magisterium Teaching with notes on conscience, Dignity of Life, Fetal Cells, Right to Life, Aborted Human Foetuses, Mandating Vaccines and Moral Conscience of Human Beings. 3
2.  Points to Consider – “Right of Conscience” and “Free and Informed Consent”. 7
3.  Points to Consider – “Right of Conscience” and “Bodily Integrity and Purity”. 9
4.  Points to Consider – “Right of Conscience” and “Catholic Nursing”. 10
5.  A list of Legal Resource on Religious Freedom. 11
6.  Conscience and Religious Exemption to the COVID-19 Vaccination – Modified from Influenza Exemption Request from a Nurse. 12
7.  Children of God for Life statement regarding the Use of Aborted Fetal Cells in Testing and Production of COVID-19 Vaccines. 14
8.  References 15
Appendix A–Abortion-Tainted Vaccines for US and Canada and Ethical Alternatives 22
Appendix B–Most Common Fetal Cell Lines and Their Uses 23

Disclaimer:  The NACN-USA does not assure the acceptance of your exemption letter by your employer. The following information is solely offered to assist you in identifying specific documents to support your exemption statements.

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