Currently accepting applications for the Nurse to Nurse Mentor program.

As you know, Nursing is a wonderful profession that requires every virtue and blessing to manage the long hours and difficult work.  NACN-USA recognizes this and wants to be supportive in your career and life with a new experience through our Nurse to Nurse Mentor Program.

The Nurse to Nurse Mentor Program is an ongoing opportunity where you’ll get to walk with another Nurse. It will help you discover and deepen your relationship with God and discuss how faith and ethics are essential to support your professional path in healthcare.  Each nurse will be matched with a mentor using questions and answers from an online application.  Connections with your mentor can be made in person or using any form of technology.  Monthly topics will be introduced for discussion and learning purposes.

No longer will you feel alone in your career, as you will gain a mentor who truly understands the day to day living of a Catholic Nurse.

This program is for new nurses, seasoned nurses, nursing students and retired nurses.  We welcome those who will be a mentor and those who are seeking mentors.

We’re getting ready to connect – Nurse to Nurse – and hope you will listen to the voice of the Father, speaking to his child, to take the next step and apply below.

Christine Jensen, MS, RN, BSN, FCPI
Nurse to Nurse Mentor Program Coordinator

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