28 07, 2021

World Congress 2022 Video

2021-07-30T13:54:52-04:00July 28, 2021|Educational Programs, In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, Our Events, Patient Advocacy, Spiritual Nourishment|

You are personally invited in this video by NACN-USA President Ellen Gianoli and International CICIAMS President Dr. Khosi Mthethwa. I'm excited! Tell me more.

19 07, 2021

Caregiver’s Journal

2021-07-30T13:41:42-04:00July 19, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, Patient Advocacy, Spiritual Nourishment|

We are proud to share the wonderful work of our member, Deb Kelsey-Davis and her award winning journal, The Caregiver’s Companion. Winner of a second-place award in best front-cover artwork from the Catholic Media Association and a third-place award in general interest books from the Association of Catholic Publishers. From the publisher's desciption: Every caregiver’s story is unique, but one thing you all have in common is that you need to be nourished to have the resilience and compassion to tend to the needs of those you love. The Caregiver’s [...]

14 07, 2021

Burn and Trauma Nurse Exhorts Prayer

2021-08-06T18:34:04-04:00July 14, 2021|Educational Programs, In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, Patient Advocacy, Spiritual Nourishment|

Member Article by Marie Romagnano, MSN, RN originally published through the Divine Mercy website. Watching two residential condominium towers collapse in disbelief that has caused total destruction and sudden loss of life, instantly killing those asleep or severely injuring many-with little or no warning is a cause for prayer for these victims.   As a burn and trauma nurse, I watched realizing the magnitude of the medical emergencies as a result of the injuries and inability for rescue teams to reach the injured and dying due to the unstable debris [...]

25 06, 2021

Archdiocese of Cincinnati Catholic Nurses

2021-07-28T14:23:55-04:00June 25, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health|

Nursing is not only a complicated science, it is a magnificent art. In addition to employing years of scientific training and study, frontline healthcare professionals must also become masters of emotional intelligence. There’s a subtle, yet indistinguishable beauty that emerges when the practice of human empathy, compassion and science combine. The role of a Catholic nurse is even more crucial. We live in an age where the sanctity of human life is on a steady decline. Nurses often find themselves in situations where their moral beliefs are challenged. Abortion, euthanasia [...]

25 05, 2021

2022 World Congress

2022-01-10T14:58:41-05:00May 25, 2021|Educational Programs, In The News|

Collaborate with Catholic Nurses from Around the World! Every four years Catholic nurses from around the world come together for spiritual nourishment, education, professional collaboration, and enhanced global cooperation. CICIAMS is the International Association of Catholic Nurses who collaborates with the Vatican in the mission of bringing together member nurses from Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pan American nations. One of the member nations, NACN-USA, is proud to host this event. The last World Congress held in the USA was in 1990 in New York City.  All nurses [...]

19 05, 2021

Member’s Meeting

2021-07-28T15:00:48-04:00May 19, 2021|In The News, Our Events|

Retreat Chaplain Father Damian Anumba, Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary is from Nigeria in West Africa. Father Damian belongs to the Religious Congregation of the Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. He did his philosophical and theological studies in Nigeria and obtained his bachelor degree in philosophy and theology at the Imo State University Nigeria and Pontifical Urban University Rome respectively. He is currently doing the CPE program (Clinical Pastoral Education) at the UK Healthcare of the University of Kentucky. He [...]

22 04, 2021

Catholic Nurses Statement on Population and Development

2021-07-28T19:34:08-04:00April 22, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, News, Patient Advocacy, Resources|

Oral Statement Presented by: Marian Nowak DNP, MPH, RN, FAAN The International Catholic Committee of Nurses and Medico-Social Assistants (CICIAMS) Comite International Catholique des Infirmieres et Assistantes Medico-Sociales 54th Session of the Commission on Population and Development United Nations New York, New York April 19-23, 2021 Theme: Population, Food Security, Nutrition, and Sustainable Development CICIAMS Representation Team: M. Arvonio, M. Nowak, and P. Sayers Commission Chair, Distinguished Panel Members, National Representatives, and Guests: During the first World Food Conference in 1974, Henry Kissinger made the famous statement “within 10 years [...]

21 04, 2021

13 Century B.C. Civil Disobedience by APNs

2021-07-28T19:38:19-04:00April 21, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, News, Resources, Spiritual Nourishment|

The First Civil Disobedience Case in Recorded History Involved Two APNs (13 Century B.C.) An Overview of the Right of Conscience Exercised by Shiphrah and Puah By Patricia A. Sayers, DNP, RN This article reviews the first civil disobedience case in recorded history. The case occurred in Egypt during the 13 Century B.C. The case involved two advanced practice nurses (APNs) named Shiphrah and Puah (Exodus 1:15-16). Both APNs exercised “right of conscience” actions which saved a generation of Jewish people and continues to alter the course of global events [...]

20 04, 2021

New Local Council in Lansing, Michigan

2021-04-20T00:00:00-04:00April 20, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, News, Our Events, Resources, Spiritual Nourishment|

Congratulations to the Catholic Nurses in the Diocese of Lansing for establishing a local council.  Through the leadership of Cynthia DL Thelen, MSN, LNHA, BSN, RN and a determined steering committee, these Nurses have worked diligently throughout the pandemic to develop the Diocese of Lansing Council of Catholic Nurses. The local council is under the spiritual direction of Fr. Tim Nelson.  Monthly meetings are scheduled for the 1st Wednesday of every month in Jackson with a focus on nursing ethics, professional formation, and fellowship. Join with them in celebration at their [...]

22 03, 2021

Blessed Hanna Alive in Art

2021-08-31T10:27:49-04:00March 22, 2021|In The News, Integration Of Faith And Health, News, Resources, Spiritual Nourishment|

We are excited to highlight a young and talented artist, Trisa de Sousa, who has created an original image of Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska.  Trisha has the image available to view on her Instagram page or her website.  This is how she described the creative process: I found a quote that is attributed to her by Gosia Brykczynska in an interview she did with Joanna Bogle in the Faith Magazine "What dignity belongs to our profession!  Christ in us serves Christ in the other person." I thought this was such a [...]

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