Passing along some exciting news from Sr. Carole Mello, O.P. about an interdisciplinary substance abuse conference that will occur in Fall River, MA on October 24.  This space will stay open to NACN attendees who attend the conference and wish to blog about teaching points and nursing implications.

The title of the conference sponsored by the Fall River Diocesan Council of Catholic Nurses on Saturday, October 24, 2015 is: “Substance Abuse – The Medical and Psychological Effects on Well-Being.”

It will be from 9 am to 3 pm at White’s of Westport Restaurant. It is open to all nurses and anyone of the health profession. There will be three presentations by three experts in substance abuse.

The first presenter will be Andrew Crook, CJM, who is a police officer with substance abuse expertise. The second speaker is Thomas Pasternak, BS, a manager at a local pharmacy who has done extensive work with substance abuse. The third presenter is Robin Quinterno, UCSW, who is a director of the Lifeline Program, a local substance abuse program which has 900 clients presently in treatment.

The conference objectives are 1) To strengthen the awareness of the drug problem today and 2) To provide Community Health Care Workers with a comprehensive update on Substance Abuse and its Treatment. We usually have 50 -100 attendees at these clinical conferences.