The Scholarship is awarded to NACN-USA members who are enrolled and in good standing as “pre-licensure” nursing student in an accredited associate, baccalaureate or graduate nursing program. One scholarship of $1,000 is available annually. The scholarship award application must be submitted by June 30.

All applications are evaluated by the Awards Committee chairman and the final selection is made by an ad hoc committee vote.

Applicant Requirements
The following required documents (1 and 2 listed below) are to be submitted along with the application by email to: CatholicNurses@nacn-usa.org
1. The applicant shall write and email a self-assessment letter addressing each of the selection criteria listed below:

Selection criteria for Self-Assessment Letter
• Financial need
• Academic standing
• Specific nursing education goals to promote moral principles within the catholic context
• Evidence of nursing scholarship and leadership
• Evidence of nursing service based on the integration of faith and health

2. The applicant shall provide documentation about the program enrolled. This may include a website link or other document showing the program name, location, curriculum and accreditation.

3. The applicant shall request that a letter be emailed to: CatholicNurses@nacn-usa.org from his/her Pastor stating that the applicant is an active, practicing Catholic.

4. The applicant shall request that a letter of recommendation from a nursing faculty member be emailed to: CatholicNurses@nacn-usa.org. The letters should address the applicant’s progress in the current educational program.

5. The applicant shall submit the formal application using the follow form:


  •   Yes
  • Indicate the name and address of school, college or university and the degree program in which you are enrolled or in which you have been accepted. Include a link to the nursing program website if available.