NACN-USA members who are students in nursing programs, or who desire to attend a nursing program or a non-degree offering program applicable to nursing, may apply for this scholarship. One scholarship of $1,000 is available annually.

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1. The applicant shall write and upload a self- assessment letter addressed to the Awards Committee which briefly describes his/her:

– reasons for applying for this scholarship, including a statement which indicates a need for financial assistance;

– specific goals to be attained with the use of this scholarship and overall in nursing.

– relevant activities pertaining to professional nursing, leadership, nursing scholarship, and nursing service.

2. The applicant shall provide documentation about the program in which the applicant is enrolled or desires to be enrolled (this may be a website link or other document showing the program name, location, and curriculum or goals/objectives).

3. The applicant shall request that a letter be emailed to: from his/her Pastor or Spiritual Director stating that the applicant is an active, practicing Catholic.

4. The applicant shall request that letters of recommendation be emailed to: in which the applicant’s progress in a current educational program is identified by two different faculty members for current students – OR – that the two letters come from current nursing administrators or someone in a supervisory capacity in the work area such as a supervisor or colleague, attesting to the applicant’s academic and clinical abilities.

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