For this participant, two general themes emerged in the initial blogs: How to dialogue productively with those who disagree with, or are uncertain about, Church teaching regarding contraception and marriage?  How to engage non-members on the periphery of the Church in ways that can lead them to reconsider Church teaching?

My wife Debbie and I recently returned to South Carolina after attending a family member’s funeral. That gave occasion to wonder if the experience of grief and loss might be one way to initiate conversations about environmental destruction and the human destruction of abortion.

Don’t both involve grief and a struggle of conscientious objection based in Scripture and Church teaching?  Where can common ground be established, a shared gaze of faith?

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

I need to do some homework.  I want to consult Pope Francis’ The Light of Faith and On Care For Our Common Home for insights on how to dialogue with those who oppose Church teaching.

Would others wish to, and have time to, join in one or both readings – or another reading of your choice — as preparation for the Pope’s upcoming visit, and perhaps we could blog briefly, as time permits, about passages that speak to us individually and collectively?

In that way, we could begin to explore one of the main benefits of blogging: peer teaching and learning through online journaling.

Debbie and I expect to be in Philadelphia for the upcoming Family Conference.  If other NACN members plan to attend, please let us know. We’d like very much to meet and speak with you there.

John Dinolfo