Rosalinda Jimenez, Ed, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, PMHNP
Corresponding Secretary, 2019-2021


54-Day Rosary Novena for Our Nation (8/14/2019)
Equality Act & Conscience Rights – Article by Member (8/12/2019)
Rebuttal to the physician “Group of Six,” Protect the unborn & Conscience Rights, Rachel’s Vineyard Weekends for Post Abortion Healing (8/8/2019)
Prayers for Catholic Nurses and Nursing Students (8/6/2019)

JULY 2019

ANA Takes Disengenous “No Stance” on Assisted Suicide (7/16/2019)
Final Call for Nominations BOD – July 17,2019 (7/15/2019)
Patron Saint of the Sick, Nurses and Nursing Associations – St. Camillus de Lellis (7/14/2019)
NACN-USA 2019 Summer Newsletter. Hot off the Press!!! (7/9/2019)
International Catholic Nurses At UN Event In Salt Lake City, Aug 26-28 (7/8/2019)

JUNE 2019

Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Pathology Report Too) (6/28/2019)
Catholic Conference & Retreat Opportunities Across the Nation (6/24/2019)
Religious Freedom Week 2019 (6/24/2019)
Call for Nominations 2019-2021 Board of Directors (6/17/2019)
Request AMA Oppose Assisted Suicide & Assisted Dying – June 6, 2019 (5/14/2019)

MAY 2019

Alive from New York – NACN-USA Members in Time Square, May 4, 2019 (5/16/2019)
Happy Nurses Week from the United Nations (5/15/2019)
New Council in Cleveland, Ohio – May 10, 2019 (5/15/2019)
Misnamed “Equality Act” Ask Your Legislator to Oppose & Other Updates – May 14, 2019 (5/14/2019)

APRIL 2019

Join us as we celebrate Eula Sforza’s life – 1st President of the newly formed NACN-USA (4/11/2019)
Canadian Catholic Nurses Join NACN-USA in Opposing ANA “Aid in Dying” (4/11/2019)
International Catholic Committee of Nurses & MedicoSocial Assistants (CICIAMS) Oral Testimony at the United Nations Commission on Population & Development, 52nd Session, April 1-5, 2019 (4/5/2019)
Prayers and Support Join with Bishop Conlon, Diocese of Joliet, Illinois and Catholic Nurses attending the Life Advocacy Day, Tomorrow, April 3, 2019 (4/2/2019)

MARCH 2019

Opportunity to join Bishop Conlon, Diocese of Joliet, Illinois on April 3, 2019 for Life Advocacy Day (3/17/2019)
The ANA Center for Ethics and Human Rights Advisory Board seeks public comment on the proposed position statement “The Nurse’s Role When a Patient Requests Aid in Dying” – Comment period closes April 8, 2019 (3/13/2019)