English Speaking African Regional Congress Seeks Participants from Our Region

Swaziland, South Africa — August 23-26, 2016

Dr. Diana M.L. Newman, E.D. RN President, NACN-USA

Dr. Diana M.L. Newman, E.D. RN
President, NACN-USA

Mrs. Juliana Nwazuruoke, English Speaking African Regional President, is requesting support to participate in African CICIAMS Regional Congress to be held in August 2016 in Swaziland, South Africa. She would like two from our region who speak English to participate in a round table conference and also chair one for the sessions. The topic is: ROLE OF NURSES AND MIDWIVES AS MERCIFUL CARERS IN THE CONTEXT OF YOUR REGION. Participants are responsible for the cost of their transportation and accommodations.

Please submit CVs to NACN-U.S.A. President, Dr. Diana Newman at dianadoc@comcast.net.

6th Congress of the English Speaking African Region of CICIAMS Program (Draft)