Dear NACN Members:

Upon Diana’s welcome invitation, and as a relatively new member of the NACN and the Social Media Committee, I am writing to invite you to participate in a Members blog.

We seek your thoughts and guidance about topics that will enable Members to support each other in the work of patient care and health communication, advance the work of the NACN, and contribute to the Church’s New Evangelization.

It seems especially fitting to launch the blog at this time, as we eagerly await Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.

It also seems especially fitting to launch the blog on the feast of St. Augustine, the patron of printers. May his prayers and those of his mother, St. Monica, guide us as we learn and benefit from each other’s observations and insights.

So what are we to blog about at the start? Please share your thoughts in this introductory forum.

Which topics should we discuss in conjunction with the Pope’s visit and the issues he has raised during his Pontificate?

Which issues should we discuss in conjunction with healthcare challenges and changes affecting our nation and the Church?

Which other topics might we address?

I look forward to reading your entries and serving you as a blog facilitator. Blessings on your day,