Children are gifts.  Children are the future of families, societies, cultures, nations.  Children!

Children take lots of time and care to be raised.  They call for love and generosity.  All of us started out as children.  We could not care for ourselves.  We needed adults around us to provide all that we needed. But they bring such energy, surprise, and joy!  They stretch us taking us places that we never expected to go.

How is it that whole healthcare professional associations, who say that they are “specializing in the provision of maternal care”, have forgotten that when a pregnant woman is present, she is already a mother, so there are two patients needing care. In statement after statement of professional health associations responding to the Supreme Court decision on Dobbs verses Jackson stopping the national promotion of abortion, there is not even a mention of the babies.  Have most of our physicians and nurses triaged the preborn humans into a room down the hall and left neglected.  No.  Two patients enter needing attention.  One is killed, so all the attention can be given to the one remaining.

The Dobbs verses Jackson decision has revealed the massive extent of the depravity of socalled health care professionals and their associations, who are for exterminating a huge sector of humanity, so those remaining do not have to bother with them.

The National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A., together with our Amici, the few morally centered and steady Associations standing for every life, will continue to be salt and light amidst the growing darkness of the culture of death. Please keep praying for Life.

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