Committee descriptions are available in our bylaws below.

Dr. Marie Hilliard, RN, PhD, JCL


Chair: Marie T. Hilliard, MS, MA, JCL, PhD, RN
Philadelphia, PA

This committee annually reviews the Articles of the Association and By-Laws to recommend items for revision or addition. Following review of the Board of Directors the changes are approved by the Membership.

Diana Newman

Membership & Elections

Chair: Diana Newman, EdD, RN

This committee promotes and sustains membership, liaisons with nursing schools and national student nursing meetings, seeks and reviews applications to determine volunteer interest for a committee membership or elected position. Oversees the annual elections.

Ethics & Spirituality

Chair, Carolyn Laabs, PhD, MA, FNP-BC, RN

This committee assures that the Association maintains fidelity to the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and the directives of the Holy Pontiff. It acts in an advisory role to the membership and BOD related to spiritual and ethical issues that provide information and insight to nurses and other healthcare providers fostering acts of spirituality in their role of caregiver to influence the healing ministry of the person and outcomes of those in their care.

Opportunity to Serve


Subcommittees: 1) Newsletter & Publicity, 2) Social Media, 3) Website, 4) Mailchimp

Committee Chair Vacant – Volunteer to Serve. Complete form on the Standing Committees page.
Christina Freeman, BSN, RN, Social Media
Courtney Donahue, MS, RN, FNP-BC, PCCN, Newsletter Editor
____________, MailChimp Administrator
____________, Website Administrator

This committee publishes newsletters, maintain social media platforms and the website.


Awards & Scholarships

Chair: Mary Lee Barron, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

This committee publicizes the awards and scholarships of the Association, establishes written/electronic protocol for review and selection of eligible applicants for all awards offered by the Association and provides the names of the selected awardees to the President/Board of Directors for final approval.

Education, Practice & Research

This committee works with the President and Board of Directors to determine appropriate educational offerings, practice and research topics and agendas for meetings of the Board of Directors and Association. Develops goals and objectives of any educational offerings of the Association and seeks continuing education credits. Identifies and makes available a list of appropriate, current resources, upcoming conferences and workshops and speakers names and expertise. Develops standardized practice resources to assist nurses and other health care providers to provide Christian care (e.g. Bereavement/Grief Training Programs and Resources, Ministry to Homebound etc.)

Alma Abuelouf, BSN, RN (Practice Chair) [Overall Committee Chair] Martha Baker, PhD, RN, CNE, ENP, ACNS-BC (Education Chair)
Shannon Simonovich, PhD, RN (Research Chair)

Dr. Marie Hilliard, RN, PhD, JCL

Archives & History Ad Hoc

Chair: Cheryl Hettman, PhD, RN

This committee works with the President and the Board of Directors archiving key documents and recording the history of the organization. Local & Regional Council are encouraged to contact Dr. Cheryl Hettman at