Dear Nurses, Celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day!  It is because of the diligence and bravery of our Nation’s Founding Fathers, that America forged out the best health care in the world.  Historically, the United States of America has been this leader because of the freedoms that have allowed us to research, educate, develop, practice beyond what more restrictive governmental systems allow.  Christian motivation and generosity was free to flourish in our Republic.  In this freedom, Catholic Consecrated Religious poured out their lives across the nation to make care of the sick available. Let us honor America’s history of caring.  Let us remember the value of a free society.  Let us keep America in our prayers. Let Freedom Ring!

As Members of the NACN-USA, you have had a part in a major restoration of that freedom of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” for a huge number of our citizens, the pre-born babies.  Behind the scenes, and due to the efforts of your Board members and Committee members, the National Association of Catholic Nurses, U.S.A. was a signer of an Amicus Brief that was presented in the courts regarding the Dobbs versus Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which was pivotal to the overturning of Roe versus Wade, and thus the overthrow of abortion on demand from the Federal level.  Praise God!  Thank you for years of prayers, but also of action.  Your membership in this association made our small part in this effort possible.

Finally, my tenure as President of NACN-USA ended on Thursday, June 30, 2022.  I have been honored to lead this Association these many months, more than two years.  The times were unique.  We have weathered the storm and continue to do so.  The Bylaws provide a beautiful gift to the outgoing President, another office called Immediate Past President, so I won’t feel put out to pasture.  I will still be here, at the new President’s shoulder, to serve, encourage, and support in whatever ways I can.  The Immediate Past President is a voting member of the Bylaws Committee, and my Board Members know that I am very fond of Bylaws.  Thank you all who have stood together with me, encouraging, advising, holding me up in prayer.  I am deeply grateful.  May God be given all the thanks and praise for calling each of us, for leading us, for establishing NACN-USA firmly and now leading us forward.  To God be the Glory!

Your Immediate Past President,
Ellen Gianoli, BSN,MA, RN